We are in it together!

May 06 , 2020 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

I wish for the best of health for all our partners and hope that their family members and colleagues are protected and well taken care of. 

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed the power of team spirit in our lives. It has been an amazing experience for me personally to see how people have come together to achieve impossible things. Healthcare professionals continue to protect us with their tireless efforts. Governments have joined hands to share resources and provide swift responses. The business community has come together to collaborate and innovate. Within the company, I see how our warriors across sales, operations, customer service and other functions are working as one strong team to ensure business continuity for our customers. It is amazing to see all this being achieved with almost the entire team across the globe working from home. 

The crisis, reminds me of John F. Kennedy’s famous quote - "In the Chinese language, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity”. We are therefore working with both, the microscope to focus on the current crisis and the telescope to sight the opportunities in the new normal. 

Our highly energetic team is committed to serve our esteemed partners. We have a Crisis Management Team, comprising of our senior-most leaders, which e-convenes every morning and works through the day with one single objective - to keep the cargo moving. We educate and facilitate our drivers and frontline workers to ensure that they are motivated to work through the crisis. We have worked on storage innovations in managing our container freight stations to help decongest ports. We have moved boilers over sea and highways amidst all difficulties to serve our customers and made our cranes operational with full safety and compliance to keep our clients’ projects running. Our workers across warehouses continue to be the warriors equipped with all safety gear and committed to keep the business running. We are also mobilizing the industry by working with the Government of India and state governments with an intention to fully enable logistics services as this is a critical sector for serving the people during this crisis and also for the economy to keep moving.

We see a great opportunity for shifting gears in our journey on digitisation and continue to work on long-term initiatives. We have also been expanding the use of our advanced end-to-end digital logistics portal, ECU360, to its fullest potential. Customers always have 24x7 access to ECU360 in order to generate instant quotes, make quick bookings and track and trace shipments among several other features that are crucial in times like these.

We strongly believe that any further hardships will only strengthen our character and resolve as one team. We are committed to moving the cargo and we shall leave no stone unturned in making it possible.

 All of us are Corona Warriors dealing with the crisis and we are all in it together. ECU Worldwide Allcargo Logistics