Online Shipping Services Explained

May 01 , 2023 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

Running an e-commerce business has its own set of challenges. From innovating new products to marketing to the right audience, several tasks demand the attention of an online business owner. Delivering products to customers is another challenge that can be resolved with online shipping services.  

Businesses, large or small, need to consider certain factors while opting for doorstep delivery features like, who is the shipping partner, if the packaging material is appropriate and what is the distance of the delivery destination.

Prerequisites for online shipping

Order volume

Order volume is simply the number of orders the business receives on a monthly basis. The order volume of a small-scale business is usually lesser than that of a large-scale business. It defines the shipping strategy of the brand. 

A business with low order volume can opt to take charge of the deliveries by printing labels and dropping the package at the nearest post office for delivery. A large-scale business will require tie-ups with rather big online shipping service providers. 

When a small-scale business begins growing, its initial shipping methods may not remain useful. It is better to opt for an online shipping services provider that can assist a small business in scaling up. 


Packaging is one of the most crucial of all the steps, while opting for online shipping services. It ensures that the products remain safe during delivery; it allows the sellers to market their brand. The choice of packaging varies based on the product and the amount of protection it requires during delivery to prevent it from damage. The seller may choose to showcase their brand’s logo on the package. Customizing the packaging is an expensive option compared to plain packaging and is used by

large-scale businesses to leave a long-term impression on customers.  

Dimensions of the package

Another factor that plays a role when choosing an online shipping service is the dimensional weight of the package. Online shipping service providers consider the dimensional weight while calculating the shipping costs. Boxes with more significant dimensional weight attract a higher shipping cost. Hence, both large-scale and small-scale businesses choose the smallest possible box that ensures the safety of the product while shipping the product. 

By determining the average dimensions of packages, businesses can calculate the costs and set their budgets for online shipping services.

Shipping destination

In today’s world, buyers are expecting quicker deliveries of their orders at reasonable rates. Large-scale companies have evolved their services to fulfill this demand and have even adopted same-day delivery options. Therefore, the shipping destination plays a significant role in choosing the right online shipping service. 

The shipping charges vary based on the delivery destination. Shipping to international locations costs significantly more than the shipping charges to domestic addresses. Hence, online stores need to understand where the majority of their target customers are located in order to choose their online shipping services. The shipping charges get further influenced by how quickly the customers need their orders to be delivered.  

Best shipping methods  

Businesses, small or big, need to ensure the most efficient shipping options for their products. When it comes to online shipping services, there are multiple options available based on the requirements.

1. Local delivery

Local delivery is when orders are delivered in the same locale as the retail store. It could be the same city or region. Once a customer places an order online, a local delivery partner can pick up the order from the seller and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. 

Local delivery services are different from the usual online shipping services because the delivery is faster and does not require much packaging. The prices charged by local delivery services are high.

2.Freight shipping  

Carrying larger shipments of commodities domestically or internationally through land, air, or sea is known as freight shipping. Sturdy containers are loaded with the goods before being transported by one or more means of transportation.

Shipping methods, source and destination, size and weight, and type of services also determine the rates of freight shipping. 

3.Flat rate shipping 

The weight, size, or shape of the item does not determine the cost of this kind of shipment. Brands charge a fixed amount for delivery irrespective of the type of product that is being delivered.

Brands that ship heavy items frequently can benefit from this online shipping service as it costs less. 

4.Expedited shipping

Today’s consumers want speed in everything. Services like two-day, next-day, or same-day delivery serve as proof of this. This fast shipment is known as expedited shipping. 

Expedited shipping is a method of transporting a package more quickly than usual. Although the speed of the shipping is not defined, it relies on the conditions and preferences of the seller. 

5.Overnight shipping

The overnight shipping service ensures that the delivery will be made the following day of placing the order by a specific time.

E-commerce shopping is increasing every day, and the customer’s demand for delivery of products to their doorsteps is also changing with time. By following these method businesses can choose a suitable carrier from the long list of online shipping services providers.