Organisational Culture: The Framework for Sustained Business Success

August 19 , 2019 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

We laid the foundation of Allcargo in 1993 and began operations as a shipping agency that offered freight forwarding services. Fast forward twenty-five years, and today we are one of the biggest names in the logistics industry with a network of more than 300 offices spanning 160 countries across the world. While dedication and hard work have been vital factors for achieving this unprecedented growth, there is another underrated factor that has contributed to our ascent - our core organisational values.

‘Organisational values’ has become a buzzword in the corporate workspace in the last decade or so. Companies are finally waking up to the importance of inculcating a strong organisational culture in their structural setups. The reason behind this trend is the plethora of benefits that entails the practice. In addition to serving as a key driver of employee engagement, a strong company culture retains, and attracts the best talent from around the world. It also adds a new flavour to the organisation’s brand identity and enables it to stand out among the crowd. What this eventually translates into is significant revenue growth and overall business success. To further put things into perspective, a recent Forbes study revealed that companies with strong cultures are registering a 4x increase in revenue growth. Top CEOs and HRs from different industries backed this claim, with 82% of the respondents in the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey agreeing to company culture being a competitive advantage.

Allcargo’s Unique Organisational Culture: A League of its Own - Our culture is based on seven guiding principles which unite our employees working in 300+ offices around the globe, under a single umbrella. We believe in Trust, Team Spirit, Integrity, Leadership, Passion for Excellence, Respect for Individuals, and Transparency & Openness. Throughout the years, these principles have helped us overcome the toughest of challenges and fostered innovation and growth. However, they are implemented quite differently in different regional offices. This flexibility is crucial for us to successfully function as an extended family. As the largest LCL consolidators in the world, we work with people from multiple ethnicity and have a strong presence in the remotest parts of the world. In order to function smoothly, it is important that we understand the local culture and customs. And to translate this into action, our policies imbue a deep sense of respect for local cultures and people. As a result, we have been able to integrate numerous acquired companies into our structure without resistance, and leverage the synergies to scale our business effortlessly.

We believe that ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ And that is why we don’t have any hard-lined standard operating procedures or workplace manuals. Our workplace habits and culture stem from a deep and mature understanding of individual cultures. Our extensively experienced global leadership helps in nurturing this perspective and simplifying processes, thus fostering better cultural integration within the organisation. Also, this vision continues to transform as we grow and lets us respond to changes with agility and in real-time.

Technology has played a central role in the cultural unification of the organisation. With sophisticated tools, we promote greater collaboration and communication between employees. In addition, this has nurtured a spirit of innovation in the company which is gradually paving the way for new breakthroughs within the organisation. For instance, FAST, an in-house tool, facilitates hassle-free profit sharing between origin and destination, simplifying the complex procedure that could often lead to conflicts.

These principles of organisational values and inclusive culture have paved the way for Allcargo and ECU Worldwide to clock significant growth and success. With this, we have established ourselves as the brand ambassadors of a unique organisational culture and set a new benchmark for companies across industries to aspire to.