Logistics must provide new customer-centric solutions

April 28 , 2020
Publication: Fortune India
Source: https://bit.ly/2YevMyZ

As a major chunk of the global workforce moves towards working remotely, using digital tools and technology to stay connected and collaborate will be the key to success.

The Coronavirus outbreak has impacted businesses and economies around the world, with the global logistics business being no exception. The resulting disruption in the short as well as the long-term will require a hard look at operating models, processes, protocol, and best practices, and the industry will need new strategies in the post-COVID-19 world.

Logistics players have, in recent weeks, responded to mitigating instant disruption in a situation not anticipated before as transportation links—sea and air—shut, and borders were sealed. Yet, in their crisis management may lie the initial building blocks for the solutions of the future.

The logistics ecosystem is an integrated one: infrastructure, technology, Big Data, manpower management and on-ground transport systems. All this will undergo a shift in the months and years ahead. In fact, as the business landscape changes, logistics players will have to respond proactively to a new and evolving situation.

Moreover, even as businesses are concerned about how to fulfil customers’ requirements, they realise the need to assuage people’s concerns about health and well-being, given the COVID-19 fatalities globally.


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