Allcargo Chennai CFS devises water conservation solutions

July 19 , 2019

India is facing its worst water crisis in years with climate-induced uneven rainfall and rapidly depleting groundwater tables. PM Modi has urged people from all walks of life to start a mass water conservation movement through Jal Shakti Abhiyan, on the lines of the Swachh Bharat Programme. Resonating with the PMs message to play a proactive role in resolving the water crisis, the Chennai Container Freight Station (CFS) of Allcargo, Indias largest private sector logistics player, initiated efforts to mitigate the water crisis in Chennai. Located in Thiruvottiyur High Road, Ernavoor, the CFS was instrumental in providing pure drinking water to the nearby families.

The challenge was to not only to ensure uninterrupted supply of water to local residents but also replenish rapidly depleting groundwater levels. The CFS took on both the challenges successfully by coming up with ingenious water supply and conservation solutions. A borewell was sunk in the premises and connected to the RO plant at the CFS. A dispensing system was set up outside the CFS for the local residents to collect drinking water in pans and pots. The potability of the water was measured and monitored by the safety and maintenance team at the Chennai CFS on a regular basis.

Across the 23 acres (9.3 hectares) of area of the Chennai CFS, 26 trenches have been set up to replenish the ground water by storing rainwater. The rain water stored at those trenches will find its way to these trenches and eventually into the ground. There are four rainwater harvesting pits that help recharge the groundwater table. The total recharge capability of these pits is 5 million litres of water per annum which is a great number. The Rain water conservation and harvesting initiative will definitely inspire others to look at it as a sustainable solution to prevent groundwater from running out.

As a socially conscious corporate committed to positively impacting the lives of local communities through sustainable social and economic initiatives, we stepped in to ensure that the local population has access to clean drinking water. We also ensured that a maximum number of local residents benefitted from our initiative as the CFS employees made door to door visits and informed households about the availability of water, stated Capt. Avnash Iyer, Head – Chennai CFS, Allcargo Logistics Ltd.

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