Allcargo Chennai CFS organizes Mass Safety Induction Drive for truck drivers and their families

August 01 , 2018
With an aim to inculcate safety practices among drivers, propagate the importance of preserving home safety norms among the spouses of the truck drivers as well as the women staffs of the CFS and create awareness on the dangers of alcoholism and drug abuse, the Chennai Container Freight Station (CFS) of Allcargo Logistics Ltd. organised a special Mass Safety Induction Drive in association with DP World.
A safety awareness camp was organised as a part of the Mass Safety Induction Drive at the Allcargo Chennai CFS premises. The activities organised at the camp included safety induction of the truck drivers, medical check-ups for the families of the truck drivers, home safety awareness session for the spouses of the truck drivers and awareness session on alcoholism for the truck drivers.
The campaign equipped the drivers and their families with the skills required to maintain and cultivate safe habits and practices in their day-to-day lives.
A mass safety induction session was organized at the camp for the drivers to expound the consequences of the unsafe acts in terminals through video presentations. The induction module also highlighted the hazards likely to be experienced by a driver upon entry into a terminal. Participating drivers in the session shared their experiences, making the session highly interactive and informative.
Elucidating the importance of good health and underscoring the benefits of getting rid of the unhealthy habits, a free medical health checkup camp was held for the family members of truck drivers in collaboration with NGO DESH. General health check-ups like BP,  Sugar, BMI along with dental tests and gynecological check-ups for women were carried out during the camp by specialist doctors.
The camp focused on informing the participants about the importance of adopting precautionary measures to live a healthy life as well as providing the necessary medical advice based on the detailed diagnosis of their health conditions.
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