How Integrated Logistics Helps Your Business Grow

August 30 , 2021 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

When you are running a business, every decision matters. From deciding on the suppliers to taking a call on viable transportation services, choosing a different service provider for every aspect might spread your operations too thin. And so, when it comes to maintaining a competitive advantage, integrated logistics plays an essential role. In this article, we discuss why you should opt for integrated logistics services and how it can help your business grow:

What Is Integrated Logistics?

With the integration of every operation and process carried out by your logistics provider, integrated logistics is your one-stop-for-all. Right from the production of the commodity to the delivery of the final product to the consumer, integrated logistics has it all covered.

However, for integrated logistics to function at an optimized level, an organizational system is necessary. This helps businesses establish a system in place for efficient logistics management.

Why Integrated Logistics?

Often businesses tend to opt for different 3PL partners for product distribution. Partnering with one for drayage, another one for warehousing, and OTR transportation. This can lead to separately co-ordinating with each party to ensure proper distribution of services, which can become difficult sometimes.

An integrated logistics service provider, however, can provide all the services and can bring efficiency in the co-ordination of these processes. But there's more. Here is why you should consider outsourcing logistics operations to an integrated 3PL:

Complete Autonomy And Full Accountability

Since your integrated 3PL partner is in charge of all the processes, they ensure all the processes in the supply chain happen in time, without any delays.

With the warehouse knowing when your order will be picked up by the 3PL's transportation arm, it can make the necessary preparations in advance. Similarly, as your carrier is aware of what's going to be picked, it can make the necessary arrangements. With a central and only source of information, the process becomes a piece of well-oiled machinery.

In case, the external carrier is unable to provide transportation on time, your 3PL provider does not have to wait and can simply arrange for a viable option and send their own driver with the container or trailer.

Reduced Costs, Added Benefits

One of the promising aspects of outsourcing integrated logistics is reduced logistics cost. In the longer run, these lowered costs can be a defining aspect to provide businesses with a competitive edge. Since the logistics providers understand the process inside-out, it allows them to be efficient with the coordination of the processes, in turn, optimizing time and cost.

Eventually, these benefits align together with the customers' interests and help their business gain the upper hand in generating financial growth.

Value For Your Business

Entrusting an integrated logistics with your entire distribution operation translates to providing them with a major business opportunity. Your 3PL partner understands this and so, they will go the distance to deliver services that fulfil your requirements and leave you satisfied. Alongside, this makes you a valuable addition to their business rather than you being treated like 'just another customer' while distributing your services amid multiple providers.

In addition to this, integrated logistics are also able to be efficient. As the external providers are cut out of the distribution process, it allows your logistics partner to have the control of both warehousing and transportation. Without external providers hindering the process, your 3PL can save time and resources, thus adding value to your business.

Increased Co-ordination, Minimal Risks

When all your distribution processes: control, handling, and storage of products is co-ordinated at a single center, it makes way for a more precise strategy, effective planning and minimal risks. As all the operations are properly interconnected, it helps in developing a systematic error-tracing procedure, in turn making risk management, a much effective affair.

Your logistics partner is able to accurately detect any flaws in the system and avoid any major errors from occurring beforehand. Alongside, it also becomes easier to take preventive measures as all the resources are centralized.

Undelayed Distribution Process

Owning the entire process comes with a perk: Your integrated 3PL can carry out all the processes without any hindrance. Not only does it ensure speedy delivery of products but also there arises no need to guess when the next step is going to happen.

The warehouse arm knows when the order will be picked up by the transportation arm. The carrier knows when the product will be collected. All your processes are co-ordinated beforehand, which allows a seamless distribution journey of your goods.

All-in-all, your business opens up to a much more efficient and seamless way of logistics. No hassles about contacting different providers or worrying about the co-ordination. Integrated logistics assures all-around, centralized services for you.

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