Your Guide to Choosing The Right LCL Shipping Partner

September 01 , 2021 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of business worldwide. With the e-commerce boom and consequent rise in shipping needs, businesses are looking for economical shipping methods. Individual consignment size has reduced considerably and demand for a systematic and reliable supply chain has increased.  In this scenario, the Less than Container Load or LCL shipping method has managed to cut down shipping costs and meet demands of the evolving business landscape and individual requirements.

 Choosing the right LCL shipping company will ensure your business plan is on track and tick all the right boxes – quality service at competitive prices, secure and timely transportation of consignments and diversified network with connectivity to established and potential markets.

Advantages of using LCL Shipping

LCL shipping has emerged as a popular shipping method. Some of the advantages it offers are:

  • Lesser inventory space as shipping is more frequent
  • Flexible and fast
  • Freight costs typically based on cargo volume as opposed to a flat rate as is the case with FCL (Full Container Load) shipments
  • Economical and budget-friendly



Depending on the type of cargo, the shipping method is decided on. Size, volume, deadlines and pricing are some of the factors that come into play while choosing an FCL or LCL container. 

When to choose LCL shipping

LCL is especially useful for small consignments, where a full load container may not be justified or economical. It is viable to opt for LCL shipping if:

  • The storage facility is unable to accommodate full containers
  • Need to ship small orders to customers in widely dispersed locations
  • Serving a small market or foraying into a new one
  • Lower inventory levels necessitating lean use, with smaller inbound and outbound shipments


Key elements to keep in mind while choosing LCL shipping companies

With competition high and businesses trying to anticipate and meet customer demands before time, it becomes vital to choose reliable LCL shipping companies. Some points for assessment are:

  • Reputed industry brand
  • Warehousing facilities with Time for Transit in view
  • Diversified network and proven track record in established and emerging markets
  • Range of pricing and packaging options as per shipping requirement and cargo type
  • Trusted name in secure transportation
  • Clear quotation, seamless processes


Time for Transit

The LCL shipping method takes comparatively longer to get shipped. As such before choosing a shipping partner, ensure they have warehousing facilities to store the cargo from the point of origin to destination. Such a service ensures safety of the package and is more economical from a business standpoint, as they need not invest in warehousing facilities.

Connectivity and network

With rapid technological advancements in the last decade many more countries doing business on an international scale, the shipping company you choose should have a diversified network with connectivity to key and emerging cities as well as remote areas along with crucial ports. This again will help businesses grow and tap into newer markets and segments.

Handling of Cargo

When it comes to LCL shipping, the cargo will be handled at multiple points. This is where packaging and handling of the cargo to ensure zero damage will play a crucial role. The shipping partner will advise on the most suitable type of packaging for different products. At the same time, they will ensure the consignment is handled in a secure and safe manner while loading, offloading and in transit.


The shipping company should offer a quotation that is clear and precise. There should not be any scope for ambiguity or uncertainty with hidden charges that may drive up the price for shipping. Hence, before choosing the shipping partner, ensure the quotation received is clear and suits your precise requirements. 

Why the right shipping company matters

As e-commerce trade grows at a brisk pace, an efficient supply chain is the need of the hour. As businesses strive to grow, shipping partners become their backbone. Choosing a shipping company that does not align with your goals can set you back considerably while leading to financial and reputational lead to loss. Choose a shipping company that offers competitive prices, quality services and which can become a trusted partner to help you expand your business.