Imagine it’s the same day in 2043. We are celebrating our golden jubilee and we look back to this day – the 25th year and reminisce. What is it that we will remember the most?

August 20 , 2018 | CATEGORY : SERVICES
Imagine it’s the same day in 2043. We are celebrating our golden jubilee and we look back to this day – the 25th year and reminisce. What is it that we will remember the most? 
The celebrations? Yes! But more than that, we will take back precious memories and lessons from an institution that Allcargo has truly become.
It is 25 years since the day Allcargo formally received its registration in 1993, and began life for all intents and purposes. 
Given the distance we have come so far to our silver jubilee, and given all the fruit of our labour that we are celebrating today, we can be allowed a brief moment of imagining - an imagining that is rooted in solid achievement and beating the odds.
18 August 1993 was an extraordinary day, even if, at that time, it was for one very daring young man. That day was more than just a day of a legal baptism. It was a day when the entire capital assets of our fledgling company constituted just 3 humble things: a dream to succeed at being a great company, a commitment to be the best at our business, and a fervent determination to be the kind of dependable, trustworthy source of logistics to each and every one of our clients. 
Who could have predicted everything 18 August 2018 turned out to be? For one, we are in a different century and different millennium from the one we began in. (And we are in Avvashya House, a beautiful corporate HQ and a city landmark in its own right.) But that is the least of it. We have crossed over more than a milestone of time, we are now into a completely different world of business, challenges, opportunities. We have plenty of reason to celebrate because it is in this demanding new environment that Allcargo has emerged as a company that has demonstrated that it does best, and repeatedly, a unique capability: Ingenuity in motion. 
Today, Allcargo is a Rs 6000+ crore company, and one of India’s very own leading names in logistics.  And when our industry speaks of us, it is not just in terms of speaking of equals… they will not contest the idea that with all certainty we lead the rest.
What we are today is because of one man – Shashi Kiran Shetty. We thank him for his visionary leadership. We admire him for the extraordinary courage he exhibited in steering the company, its acquisitions and its different capabilities. Empowered by strong and clear values, guided by unshakeable principles, and aided by an excellent team, each and every one chosen for their values as much as their expertise, he has built Allcargo Logistics – a global player and the leader in logistics.
Of course, part of great success is when the tides move in your favour. In giving credit where credit is due, yes, the tides moved in our favour too, whether it is the blessings from God above or the good wishes of our employees and associates. Time and again, it became evident that the steps of success were surer steps because each and every person at Allcargo had wholeheartedly done all that had to be done, and more.
Today, looking back on the last 25 years, we find our hearts and minds turning to the next 25. We are determined not to rest on our laurels. 25 years ago, it would have been difficult to predict this fabulous day. But today, we do have a picture of what we will be 25 years from now. Allcargo will be a triumphant, joyous and an incredible organisation that welcomes all our colleagues, well-wishers and clients.
We welcome you in this wonderful chapter. Congratulations to each one of us on this momentous occasion. 
May the next 25 years be even more exciting and fulfilling!