How to select the best e-commerce logistics services?

August 28 , 2021 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

With the development of e-commerce, businesses have witnessed exponential growth. Right from understanding the consumers' choices to delivering them right at their doorsteps, e-commerce has opened up infinite possibilities. Consequently, a significant number of players have entered the e-commerce space. To excel and constantly grow in this highly competitive sphere, it is essential for your business to partner with the right logistics service provider.

In this article, we discuss what e-commerce logistics services can do for you and how to select the top e-commerce logistics services for your business:

What Role Does A Logistics Company Have To Play?

A logistics company provides services in two directions for your e-commerce business:

Forward Direction – Distribution and delivery of goods to buyers.

Reverse Direction – Exchanging or replacement of defective, damaged, or wrong shipments.

What Are Your Needs?

Prior to the growth of the e-commerce industry, usually, the retailers would source goods either from manufacturers or distributors. Which would bring several intermediaries between the company and their consumers.

But with the arrival of online shopping stores, the process became extremely convenient and the deals took place directly between the supplier and the end-user. However, logistics management can become a tedious task for your business. Which is why outsourcing your e-commerce logistics services may be a good idea. You can start by asking these simple questions to yourself:

  • Does your business require a warehouse to store products?
  • What are your shipping requirements?       
  • Where are your products shipped?
  • What markets do you ship your goods to?
  • Local, national or international?
  • What are your shipment regions?
  • Are these shipments extensive?
  • Do any of your products require refrigeration during shipment?
  • Are there any time constraints with regard to your shipments?


Answering these questions may be a good place to start. It can provide you with a clearer picture of your requirements before you begin your search for a 3PL service provider. Once you have identified your requirements and what you are expecting, here are some things you should look for before selecting your logistics partner:

What Does Their Expertise Lies In?

To provide the best services, most logistics providers possess special expertise in specific areas of logistics ranging from transportation to warehousing to distribution. However, there are also integrated logistics service providers who have experience in end-to-end logistics.

Hence, once you finalize your requirements, you need to map if the logistics provider specializes in that particular service . Basis this information, you can shortlist the 3PL solutions and take a decision accordingly.

How Is Their Customer Service?

When your customer receives the package, it won't differentiate between the company producing the goods and the one delivering them. In simpler words, your logistics partner becomes a part of your brand. Hence, it becomes necessary to choose a provider who not only excels at logistics operations but pays careful attention to customer service and last mile delivery.

From managing claims to tracking deliveries and responding to their queries, your logistics service provider can make or break your brand value. After all, only customer satisfaction, in the end, will aid you in increasing your sales.


When you start your business, you can efficiently manage everything by yourself. However, as the orders begin pouring in, it may become a time-consuming task. And so, it is better to opt for a logistics provider that will work with you over the long term. Your logistics partner should be capable of handling your current workload as well as be able to fulfil your future needs.

This not only helps in terms of maintaining a healthy relationship but also aids you when it comes to meeting your demands without compromising your efficiency and quality of service. This also means you need to look for a provider that has the infrastructure to handle the expansion of your business.

How Efficient Are They With Reverse Logistics?

You may be the best in your business, working hard to excellent products and ensure no compromise over the quality of your goods. However, it is possible that sometimes there may a misplacement of the product or it may have gotten damaged.

In situations like these, having a provider with efficient reverse logistics makes a difference. Your customer can have a hassle-free replacement or return and your relationship with your end-user can be enhanced on the basis of trustworthiness.

What Is Their Pricing Policy?

E-commerce logistics is a highly competitive market where you can find a variety of different offers on pricing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a provider with a pricing policy that suits your expectations. A top e-commerce logistics services provider will always make sure they provide you with a pricing policy without any hidden charges.

And although costing is an important factor, it is critical to understand that choosing the lowest price may not be the best solution for your business. Pricing should never compromise the quality of your business.

At Allcargo Logistics, we specialize in providing efficient solutions for e-commerce businesses tailored to their requirements with the highest level of transparency. Do reach out to us with your requirements  before choosing an e-commerce logistics provider for your business.