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Allcargo Logistics is the global leader in LCL consolidation and India’s first and largest integrated logistics solutions provider, in the private sector. We create services that are innovative and adaptable towards your supply chain needs. For us, logistics is not just a service but an opportunity to create solutions that empower businesses globally.

We are a dynamic organisation with a strong network of 300+ offices across 160+ countries through ECU Worldwide. We are committed towards creating benchmarks of quality and consistency to co-create value for all our stakeholders.

We don’t limit our challenges, instead we challenge our limits.

We make it happen.

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To become a global leader in the business and be known for pioneering solutions in logistics, worldwide.


To demonstrate world-class expertise and customer centricity through our ingenuity and technology.

  • Trust

  • Integrity

  • Teamspirit

  • Leadership

  • Passion for Excellence

  • Respect for Individuals

  • Transparency & Openness

  • 2015

    Mr Shashi Kiran conferred upon highest civilian honor 'Distinction of Commander of the Order of Leopold II' by H.M. King Philippe of Belgium

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Applying Imagination to Delivery

We realise that every business faces unique challenges which need to be addressed by designing customized solutions as there is no one-size-that-fits-all.

Our focus on applying imagination in delivery and co-creating value enables us to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our vision for building partnerships with our customers helps us in cultivating long term relationships.

Our in depth understanding of the dynamic market conditions, knowledge of cultures and communications in different parts of the world and willingness to go the extra mile gives your business the competitive edge.


When you choose to partner with Allcargo Logistics, you choose

Consolidated Logistics Solutions   |  Optimum Logistics costs  |  Best-in-class Infrastructure and Facilities 
Consistent Quality of Service Across the Globe 
|  On-time Delivery  |  Peace of Mind

Code of Conduct for Board Members and Senior Management
(Vide Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement)

This 'Code of Conduct' shall be applicable to all Board Members, the Senior Management Staff immediately one level below the Board Members and also to all the Employees of the Company holding position Assistant Manager and above.

Conduct of Business
  • The Board Members, the Senior Management team and the Employees shall conduct the Company's business in an efficient and transparent manner and in meeting its obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • The Board Members, the Senior Management team and the Employees shall not be involved in any activity that would have any adverse effect on the objectives of the company or against national interest. The corporate objectives to be pursued shall be to sustain the competitive edge of the company and not to indulge in any activity, which is detrimental to the society at large.
Quality Services

The Board Members, the Senior Management team and the Employee shall be committed to rendering services of the highest quality standard as per the requirements of the clients to ensure their total satisfaction. The quality standards shall be in consonance with national/international standards.


The Board, the Senior Management team as well as the Employee shall ensure that the Company's services are made available to the clients freely and shall not make false/misleading statements about the competitors' services or indulge in any unfair trade practices.

Wealth Creation

The Board Members, the Senior Management team and the Employees shall constantly strive to enhance the net wealth to the shareholders and shall strictly comply with all regulations and laws that govern shareholders' rights.

Reporting to the Board
  • A Board Member shall make proper, adequate and timely disclosures to the Board as required under the various provisions of the Listing Agreement, Companies Act, 1956, Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Rules and Regulations, issued from time to time.
  • In case of any agreement or contract which is or shall be entered into by and between two corporate entities, in which a Director is interested, the Director shall forthwith draw the attention of the Board about the fact and shall not participate in the deliberations nor vote on the resolution relating to the same.
Conflict of Interest
  • The Board Members, the Senior Management team and the Employees shall not engage in any activity or enter into any pecuniary relationship, which might result in conflict of interest, either directly or indirectly.
  • The Board Members, the Senior Management team and the Employees shall not derive any personal benefit by influencing any decision relating to any transaction or involve in any dealing with the company's promoters, its management or its subsidiaries, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders which, in the judgment of the Board, may affect the independence of judgment of the Director concerned.
Protecting Company's Assets

The Directors, the Senior Management team and Employees shall not indulge or encourage any activity, which would result in misuse of the Company's tangible and intangible assets.


The Directors, the Senior Management team and the Employees shall ensure and take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of non-public information about the Company, its business, clientele and other materially significant information obtained or created in connection with any activities with the Company and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of such information unless required by applicable laws or regulations or legal or regulatory process.

Outside Activities

All Board Members, the Senior Management team as well as the Employee shall be free to pursue any kind of civil/political activities and can become Members or Office Bearers of any Trade Organization so long as it does not adversely affect or is detrimental to the business interests of the Company.

Non-abuse of official position

All Employees and Directors of the company are in a position of trust. Each one of them has a responsibility to make decisions on merits and with due care. They must not abuse their official position to obtain any undue benefit for themselves, close relatives or for someone else, in cash or in kind. Similarly, they should not use their official position to influence any person to enter into financial or other arrangements with them, close relatives or with any one else, at the cost of the Company.

Consumption of Intoxication drinks and drugs

The Directors and Employees shall:

  • Strictly abide by any law relating to liquor, narcotics, or any other form of intoxication drugs in force in any particular locality or nation they may happen to be for the time being.
  • During the course of their duty, not to be under the influence of any liquor, narcotics, or any other form of intoxication drugs and shall take due care that the performance of their duties at any time is not affected in any way by the influence of such drinks or drugs. Repeated indulgence in liquor on regular basis results in addiction, affects health of the resource concerned and ability to think & work in a normal way due to mental & physical tiredness.
Sexual Harassment

Allcargo is committed to institute good employment practices and provide equal opportunities for men and women for growth and development and prevent, stop, redress, condemn sexual harassment of any form. It demands, demonstrates and promotes respectful behavior with all employees at all levels.

High Level of Ethical Standards

In their personal and professional life, all Employees and Directors of the Company shall ensure high level of ethical standards and will not be involved in any incident of moral turpitude.

Duties of Independent Directors

The Independent Directors of the Company shall:

  • undertake appropriate induction and regularly update and refresh their skills, knowledge and familiarity with the Company;
  • seek appropriate clarification or amplification of information and, where necessary, take and follow appropriate professional advice and opinion of outside experts at the expense of the Company;
  • strive to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Board committees of which he is a member;
  • participate constructively and actively in the committees of the Board in which they are chairpersons or members;
  • strive to attend the general meetings of the Company;
  • where they have concerns about the running of the company or a proposed action, ensure that these are addressed by the Board and, to the extent that they are not resolved, insist that their concerns are recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting;
  • keep themselves well informed about the Company and the external environment in which it operates;
  • not to unfairly obstruct the functioning of an otherwise proper Board or committee of the Board;
  • pay sufficient attention and ensure that adequate deliberations are held before approving related party transactions and assure themselves that the same are in the interest of the Company;
  • ascertain and ensure that the Company has an adequate and functional vigil mechanism and to ensure that the interests of a person who uses such mechanism are not prejudicially affected on account of such use;
  • report concerns about unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud or violation of the company’s code of conduct or ethics policy;
  • acting within his authority, assist in protecting the legitimate interests of the company, shareholders and its employees; and
  • not disclose confidential information, including commercial secrets, technologies, advertising and sales promotion plans, unpublished price sensitive information, unless such disclosure is expressly approved by the Board or required by law.
Variation of the Code and Waivers

The Code shall be reviewed from time to time for updation thereof. Any variation in the Code or any waivers from the provisions of the Code shall be approved by the Board Directors of the Company and shall be disclosed on the Company’s website.

Violation of the Code

The Board of Directors of the Company shall have the powers to take necessary action in case of any violation of the code.

Adoption and Commencement

This Code of Conduct was adopted by the Board of Directors by its Resolution dated January 14, 2006 and subsequently amended vide Board resolution dated February 21, 2011 and further amended vide Board resolution(s) dated April 5, 2011, February 12, 2015 and May 21, 2015 and shall be deemed to have come into force with effect from 1st April, 2006 and amendments with effect from February 21, 2011, April 5, 2011, February 12, 2015 and May 21, 2015 respectively.

A Collaborative Business Experience

The Group boasts of ECU Worldwide, headquartered in Antwerp, world’s largest LCL service providers. Its expertise has resulted in an unparalleled focus on LCL shipments along with innovative and technology driven solutions to move the customers' shipments anywhere across the globe.

ECU worldwide

ECU Worldwide

Founded in 1987 at Belgium, ECU Worldwide (erstwhile ECU-Line) is a global leader in NVOCC services. Backed by rich legacy, passion and agility, we have brought in world-class innovations in LCL (less than container load) and set several benchmarks in the industry.

Allcargo Logistics Ltd., India’s largest integrated logistics solutions provider in private sector, acquired the company in 2006 which resulted in further efficiency of our operations. In May 2016, we rechristened our identity to ECU Worldwide and consolidated our global presence by bringing our offices under a single name to denote our well-knit offices and highly coordinated operations. Our quest to bring geographies closer by our system efficiency and superior expertise for our customers has remained unchanged, thus etching the philosophy of 'Geography Simplified'.

Led by a strong management team, our foothold now stands strong at 300+ offices in 160+ countries, offering LCL and FCL services across the globe. Our wide variety of value added services and outsourcing solutions make us exceptionally competent in handling and transporting complex cargo to anywhere in the world, seamlessly.

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FCL Marine Agencies Rotterdam

FCL Marine Agencies, Rotterdam

As part of the global conglomerate Avvashya group, FCL Marines Agencies Rotterdam is a leader in NVOCC services. With presence across 90 plus countries and 200 plus office globally FCL Marines Agencies Rotterdam specializes in international freight forwarding by sea, air & road, warehousing & distribution including value added services such as packing & crating and customs declarations for import & export.

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