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A lean supply chain ensures that you maintain a fine balance between inventory costs and the promise of on-time delivery at a competitive price.

Allcargo’s Supply Chain Management systems are capable of constantly evolving, to adapt and align towards your business goals.

We understand that in order to maximise customer satisfaction, the flow of your supply chain from product to information to finance needs to be responsive towards demand.

Whether your business strategy is based on differentiation, scalability, cost leadership or quick response, we are ready to back it up.

our strengths
  • State-of-the-art facility design

    State-of-the-art facility design

  • Best-in-class equipment

    Best-in-class equipment

  • Trained professionals at various levels with 100+ years of combined experience

    Trained professionals at various levels

  • Strong IT infrastructure

    Strong IT infrastructure

  • Scalable and customized warehousing

    Scalable and customized warehousing

  • Supply chain business process integration

    Supply chain business process integration

  • End-to-end supply chain solutions

    End-to-end supply chain solutions

  • Seamless visibility into all your inventory

    Seamless visibility into all your inventory

  • Stringent adherence to chemical compliance

    Stringent adherence to chemical compliance

  • Temperature managed warehousing

    Temperature managed warehousing

  • Strict safety and environment regulations

    Strict safety and environment regulations

  • Geared for RTV, RTI, RTO

Our Facilities

We have a network of warehouses at key cargo generating regions in India. The selective list is below:














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Automotive and Engineering

The auto engineering industry is highly time sensitive due to tight production schedules. Our services can be divided into 2 broad categories:

  • Inbound Logistics i.e. handling raw materials to be fed to a factory, our key differentiator being zero down time

  • Outbound Logistics i.e. handling finished goods and after-market sales, our key differentiator being quick TAT and zero material- not-traceable

Our Services
  • I2M (Inbound to Manufacturing)

  • International Freight Console

  • International Freighting – Air and Sea

  • Documentation and Clearance at origin and destination

  • In plant operation & warehousing services for raw materials

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services

  • Line Feeding

Aftermarket Distribution & Reverse Logistics Services

  • Finished Goods Warehousing

  • Distribution Centre Management

  • Machine-critical Order Management

  • VOR – Vehicle Off Road

  • Kitting & Bundling

  • Packing Solutions

Chemical and Pharma

We understand the unique requirements of the Chemical, Food and Pharma sector, and ensure proper handling and safety of products.We are committed to the highest level of environmental regulations.

With state-of-the-art, globally compliant, a million sq.ft. of warehousing infrastructure supported by requisite compliance, approvals, tested processes, competent workforce andembedded technology; we ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything when we are in-charge.

Our Services
  • Import services for Finished Goods and Raw Materials

  • Packaging in bags, granules and semi-liquids

  • Mother Warehousing for Finished Goods and Raw Materials

  • Export services for Raw Materials

  • Freight Forwarding

  • CFS

  • CHA

  • Primary Transportation

  • Documentation

  • Fumigated Pallets

  • Value Added Services

    • Export Kitting
    • Export Packing
    • Stretch Wrapping
    • Box Card Strapping
    • Dunnage Bagging
    • Container Stuffing and Repacking
Retail & Fashion Logistics

The retail business is highly seasonal making the demand planning a challenging task. We have a unique understanding of the needs of fashion retailers, market place model, mail order catalogues and E-Com businesses.

Allcargo Logistics’ SCM solutions come with the edge of speed, accuracy and scalability that gives us the capacity to handle high volumes of both e-commerce and retail industry, effortlessly. We have adapted to meet the demands of this sector by introducing of cost-efficient semi-automated warehousing, use of Infor WMS application, Put to light and Pick to Light operating models supported for conveyors & sorters and advanced stock management systems, which allow the seamless coordination of retailers, retail outlets and E-Com platform providers.

We can also provide a shared-user fine distribution network, which offers company coverage, as and when you need it. We are geared for RTV (Return to Vendor), RTI (Return to Inventory) and RTO (Return to Origin). Our strength is the ability to invest in technology and scalability owing to our lineage and financial strength.

Our Services
  • Fully- and semi-automated warehouse solutions

  • Dedicated and shared user warehouse and transport solutions

  • E-fulfilment

  • Product pre-retailing and processing

  • Milk run pick-ups

  • Cross dock management

  • Return management – RTV, RTI & RTO services

  • Quality check at inbound, outbound & returns

  • Delivery vendor-wise & destination-wise sorting

  • Value-added services:

    • Attachment of security tags
    • Labelling and re-labelling
    • Placing on hangers
    • Packing

Forward Integration: After Market

Forward Integration: After Market